Anonymous: To be honest - I LIKED Pornstache and I thought that he was an interesting character. I hope he appears in season 3, since his mother is a huge part of the season. And I hope we can see his past or that he comes back in some way.

We will just have to wait and see. I find him a very interesting character too. 

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Anonymous: i know this isnt a confession but i think its cute little birds come out of your "tags" header on your navi page when you click and drag on it. ok sorry bye

omg i never even knew that! hahaha

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i’m so frustrated we didn’t find out how exactly suzanne got into prison”

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I loved what Morello did for Miss Rosa in the end, despite how terrible it was for Caputo”

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No matter how crazy Lorna may be, she is still the sweetest one on the show.”

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I like Pornstache for the fact that he shows human emotions, and he is not simply evil for the sake of evil. But I think some fans seem to forget that this does not in any way excuse his actions. He’s a very lonely and sad person, but he still made the choice to be a drug-pushing rapist.”

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After season 2, I could honestly say I really don’t like Taystee anymore she treated Poussey as if she was dirt”

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I just want Daya and John to work out more than anything, so when the writers dangle them in front of me it makes me worry for the moment they’ll inevitably tear them away.”

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Anonymous: do you know which of the oitnb cast are lesbian/bi in real life?

lea delaria (big boo) is gay but she’s the only one I know about sorry x

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Anonymous: About how many times do you post a day? I would just liked to know, so I'll know what to expect ^.^

it honestly depends on how busy I am, left the house at 11am today and only just got in (8pm) so haven’t had a chance to do any confessions but I obviously post more when I have free time :)

will start doing confessions now though!

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I love how the characters backstories humanizes them and make them more relatable and lovable (apart form Vee.. i dont think ill ever like her)”

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Suzanne (crazy eyes) has had massive character development and has revealed who she is so much more in season 2”

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I think if laura wasnt as attractive as she is Alex wouldnt be liked half as much”

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Anonymous: NOT A CONFESSION: im so so glad ur back!!! I wanna say thankyou for running this fabulous blog and try not to get stressed by all the confessions you need to do/queue because its fine u do an amazing job im grateful for u yas

aw thank you so much! :D messages like this make me smile x

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since watching orange is the new black ive questioned my sexuality”

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