What is wrong with everybody? How can they like Cindy? Carelessly endangering people’s safety at the airport, sexually harassing men and being so irresponsible with her sister? Stop looking for gold in empty mines.”

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Anonymous: i dont think pornstache raped Leanne, i think she was doing things with him because he was smuggling in drugs & she wanted drugs.

Exactly, he raped her.

"To force (another person) to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse; commit rape on.”

She wanted the drugs and he made her do some sort of sexual act for them. Also it’s mentioned multiple times throughout the show that the inmates can’t give consent, thus making any sexual act between a guard and an inmate rape.

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Anonymous: When did they mention that he raped other inmates

In season one you see Leanne (I think it’s her, correct me if I’m wrong) walking out of a door and him behind her zipping up his trousers. 

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Anonymous: I liked Pornstache's character and think he was a real comedic addition to the show. He didn't deserve what Daya did.

He raped multiple inmates before the whole Daya thing. He also forced Tricia to sell drugs that he smuggled into the prison resulting in her death. I do not agree with the way Daya went about things but I most definitely think he deserved it. 

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I think Nicky will pull a Taystee and walk right back in after she gets out because it’s all she knows”

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Taylor Schilling on Conan

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I hate it when people hate on Piper and say she’s spoiled and privileged. She’s doing what she needs to do to survive. You don’t walk into prison and have it all figured out.”

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Anonymous: Dude does anyone want to know how Big Boo got into prison? Cause I really want to know!

No I don’t think we’ve been told yet? I’d love to have a Big Boo centric episode next season! 

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I hope they explore Morello’s mental health issues because Yael mentioned something about it in an interview and many people have touched upon deeper issues that she faces. I would love to see more of her past and Yael deserves more screen time.”

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Don’t get me wrong, Laura and Taylor are beautiful and talented and I love Alex and Piper but sometimes I wish other relationships and characters had centre stage more. For example I am more interested in Nicky and Morello’s relationship than Vauseman.”

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It really annoys me that the show doesn’t use the word ’ bisexual ’ even though it’s clear that Piper is.”

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oitnb + text posts

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some questions

1) would you like me to start reblogging old confessions? a couple of people have suggested it and i just kind of wanted to get a general consensus. i won’t be reblogging like 20 a day or anything like that just a “most popular confessions of the week” type of thing? 

2) do you want me to start posting general oitnb content? or should i keep it strictly confessions?

if you could just reply to this post or send me an ask with any other suggestions you might have that would make this blog better i would highly appreciate it! 

(putting a random question mark at the end so the “let people answer this” box appears) ?

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I really hope Poussey and Taystee don’t get together. I love them both but it would be good for the series to show that no matter how much you love someone and want to pursue a romantic relationship with them, sometimes they just don’t feel the same way, and that’s okay.”

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i have this terrifying headcanon that suzanne killed her sister. like, the stress from her parents and the expectations and the knowledge that she could and would never fit in finally got to her and she killed her sister with her bare hands. i mean, we do see her parents visiting suzanne but her sister isn’t there. and we know suzanne’s been there for a while.”

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