Red deserves her kitchen”

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I really want to know Maritza’s story and I’m praying that it’s going to be in season 3”

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I really don’t like Vauseman or Alex, but I feel like I can’t voice that opinion anywhere without all of my followers dropping me.”

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They shouldn’t have kicked Fischer off the show. I loved her! She was funny, considerate, awkward, adorable, and just flat out amazing. I wish they did more with her.”

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I can’t tell if I ship Morello and Nicky romantically or platonically, but, either way, the love is there.”

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Anonymous: not a confession: do we know why suzanne is in prison?

Nope. I really hope we find out next season though! There are some theories that her incarceration may have been to do with her killing her little sister

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Anyone who calls Piper “boring” is not watching the show carefully enough, in my opinion. She’s one of the most complicated, realistic characters in the show.”

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Anonymous: Taystee is dumb.

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Did you watch S2E02?

At the beginning of the episode we see a young Taystee claiming she knows the whole periodic table and can recite Pi to 56 digits. When the inmates are taking the aptitude test it’s revealed that she has “high retention abilities and exceptional maths skills”. She’s the only one that takes the whole job fair thing remotely seriously, you see her sitting in her cubical working on her CV and taking notes, saying she’s gonna rock the job fair so that she can get a real job when she’s released, then sat in the library reading a book titled “Successful Interview Skills”. In another flashback, Taystee and Vee are in in the back of Vee’s shop and a man comes saying there’s been a mix up with the money and Taystee sorts it out efficiently, on the spot (even though she was crying her eyes out moments earlier). She had the idea to put a unique, memorable stamp on Vee’s dugs saying they should put a horse stamp on it and call it “Horsey Horse”, “before you know it, you got a call brand.” (Yeah I admit this wasn’t the best way she could have used her initiative but it was still damn smart).  During the interview it’s revealed she’s done research on the company stating that it has “remained the largest cigarette manufacturer in the US since 1983, plus has increased its dividends 46 times in the last 44 years.” 

Taystee is not dumb.

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Honestly, Morello could kill 123 people and eat their livers and I’d still be going “awwww!”“

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Because of Daya, I have become more accepting of my size, since she is the first character in, well, anything that has a similar body type to my own.”

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The character I’m really curious about is Norma. She’s been there longer than Red has, possibly longer than Miss Claudette, so she had to have done something serious, and it’s possibly the reason why she’s mute.”

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Anonymous: can u make an edit of when when Suzanne is holding the uno cards and crying

yeah of course, what episode is that? but i will post it on my personal blog

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"I’m so afraid that they’ll end up killing Nicky."

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Anonymous: Honey, excuse me, I love your blog and I hate Pornstache, but please let's stop with this "oMfg RaPe RAPE EVERYWheRe" thing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as you said - rape is to force (another person) to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse. Leanne wanted drugs. Sex was the price. She paid the price. She didn't had to do drugs.





don’t call me honey

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Polly is starting to annoy me so much.”

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